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Software "Ppedigree - v. 1.30b"


            The "Ppedigree - v. 1.30b" software is mainly aimed to breeder of all kind of birds. It makes possible to keep the birds records updated as well as to visualize each bird all indivual data and the making of pedigrees till five generations.




December 1, 2002.


338 Kb (winzip)/ 3454 Kb (excel).

Download em formato Winzip

(Winzip format)

download em formato excel (.xls)

(Excel format)


Only in final version.



Minimum Req.:

Excel 97/ 2000.


No need.


Give me your opinion:

            The "Ppedigree - v. 1.30b" software is still in its experimental phase.
            Therefore it's of great importance that you give me your opinion about its use.
            Send me suggestions and critics with corrections, if any, to the functionalities already within the software program, or give me ideas about other aspects you would like to see added.

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