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          A lot has already been said about the genetics involved in the origin of budgerigar's (Mellopsitacus undulatus) colours. Personally, I believe that a complete and simple explanation is still unavailable. Most articles refer only to a specific mutation or variety and even the best title to date, "Genetics for budgerigar breeders", lacks in simplicity. The terms used are many times confusing, leading to wide spread misunderstandings of the nature of genes and their expression, such has "the green colour is dominant over the blue colour".

          It is my intention to produce an accurate and complete description of the main mutations and "wild-type" genes, the resulting phenotypes and the combined effects of different genes, with simple and straightforward explanations.

          Any suggestions, improvements or corrections to my texts are always welcome.

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Home | Introduction | Notions on genetics | Two distinct loci and the colour pigments | Colour depth | The violet factor
Sex-linked colours | Linkage between different loci | Mendel's Chart
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